Missta came about when Demi & Melinda exchanged some back and forth messages on Instagram back in 2017 about their new experiences as Mums; birth, feeding, sleeping, staying sane (or attempting to) etc. After a few consistent messages they couldn’t believe how parents (and non-parents) were so judgemental towards each other in all aspects of parenthood.
A particular area they noticed was still a taboo, was formula feeding! (Yep, STILL a taboo and not openly discussed.. *cue disappointed head shake*). It broke their hearts to think about how many parents felt judged and ashamed for formula feeding their baby, especially when some parents didn't even have the option to breastfeed.
And thats when Missta was born. 
Both Demi and Melinda want the Missta bottle to be a product that parents are proud to use to feed their infant(s)! The strong message driving Missta is judgement free parenting. Parenting is hard enough without all the external pressures.
Through Missta, the girls have given a new found confidence and a sense of freedom to thousands of formula feeding parents! 
They base their success purely on the heartfelt messages they receive daily from their customers, thanking them for creating a product purely for formula feeding parents and helping them overcome what can be an incredibly stressful and overwhelming situation.
Missta’s mission is to make EVERYONE have trust in themselves, that they are doing the best for their own unique situation and all parents should feel included and accepted no matter how they feed their baby.
Lots of Love,

Missta xo

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